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About Melì

Melì is a brand created by me, Carmela De Filippo, in 2016 in Naples (Italy) and then moved to Berlin (Germany) in 2018.
I design, cut, sew, pack and ship every single product.

I believe in the power of fashion as expression of oneself.
Fashion is not something to be victim of but a way to talk about ourselves everyday.
This leads us to choose and buy items with a real personal value, encouraging conscious shopping and avoiding waste.

Melì suggests minimal accessories inspired by geometric shapes, bold lines, solid color and unconventional combinations of different materials.
Every excess is erased in both design and manufacturing.

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Farrah Floyd Concept Store
Rue du Vieux Marché aux Grains 39
1000 Brussels



A Mano Armata Concept Store
Via Arco di Druso 4